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If you’ve taken the leap into the franchising world, you’ve already given yourself the best possible gift. If we’ve learned anything in the past two years, it’s that even when times get tough, franchises are set up for success.

But since Christmas is only days away, let’s get into the holiday spirit. Whether you need to add a few items to a wish list for someone else to buy or need to buy a gift for a franchise owner you know, these ideas can point you in the right direction!

Have a Holly, Jolly Desk Chair

Many franchisees are up and on their feet often, spending time in store and hands-on. But there’s still a good amount of desk time—time in a chair spent strategizing, implementing and outreaching.

All that time in a chair can wreak havoc on your back, especially if your posture isn’t the best. An ergonomic back cushion might be the perfect solution.

Make Your List…and Check It Twice

At some point or another, every franchisee needs to take notes. And when you need to jot something down, it often seems like clean paper is nowhere to be found!

Good notebooks can be hard to come by, so they make the perfect addition to a wish list. Keep a variety on hand, from bigger versions designed to keep at your desk to pocket-size ones you can tuck in a pocket, briefcase or purse.

Marshmallows for Toasting…

OK, we’re not really talking about marshmallows here. But since it’s the most wonderful time of the year, we had to sneak the lyrics in there!

While we aren’t talking about s’mores, we are talking about food. How often have you been on the road and forgotten to make time to eat? Or simply been so busy you didn’t prioritize it?

There are a few food-related gifts that can be a good fit here. A mini or desk fridge can let a franchisee stow away some healthy food options, while gift cards to area restaurants or a grocery store can make taking a pit stop to grab food a little easier.

Ready to get into the franchising game? The right franchise is out there for you, and I’m ready to help you find it! Don’t hesitate to reach out today to see what options are available!