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Although more people are returning to work, “The Great Resignation” is still going relatively strong. Many are still out of work or are considering quitting, and the economy has yet to make a full recovery.

One silver lining in the midst of all of this, though, is the fact that the businesses and franchises that have spent their early years forming and building a good culture have been less affected than businesses that haven’t done that.

In fact, according to studies, a large percentage of people who have quit over the last 15 months have quit because of a poor company culture, where leaders are focused only on production and end goals rather than the employees making those goals happen.

This shows that building a successful, longstanding franchise is vital, and it takes time and care—not only on the financial side of things, but for those who are employed. Read on as I share some helpful tips that will lead you to build a franchise that people seek out, rather than a franchise that desperately seeks out future employees.

Ways to Build a Positive Work Culture

  • Cherish your employees, and make it known that you cherish them. This is hugely important, and it’s very easy! Celebrating birthdays, congratulating births, asking for their opinions…all of these things can go a long way in making your employees feel valued and cherished.
  • Hire the right people and don’t make compromises as to who you hire or keep. Hiring the right people on the front end will save yourself a lot of trouble on the back end. Plus, low turnover is a great money-saver and morale-booster.
  • Prioritize your employees’ mental health. Burnout is real, and it’s especially real in the work world. Do your best to protect your employees from feeling this way by implementing a work life that is productive but not all-consuming. Recognize that working in many franchises, especially in a retail environment, can be stressful.
  • Instead of looking for ways your employees screw up, look for ways that they succeed. In the workplace, positive reinforcement has consistently shown to be more valuable than negative reinforcement.
  • Consistently share your vision and sense of purpose. When employees feel keyed in on what all their hard work is for, it will give them a sense of passion and purpose.

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