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Historically, the United States of America is not an empathetic country. In America, capitalism is king, and with that comes the ideology that you must pull up your bootstraps and get to work—no excuses.

While a strong work ethic and the determination to fight through adversity are obviously good traits, throwing a little empathy and grace in the mix won’t hurt anybody. In fact, it’s nearly essential in this day and age. According to Ernst & Young’s 2021 Empathy in Business Survey, around 50% of employees said that they quit their previous job due to their former boss’ lack of empathy, while nearly 90% of workers believe empathetic leadership creates loyalty and increases productivity.

Suffice it to say, if you are wanting to own your own franchise and lead your own group of people, learning how to be empathetic should be at the top of your list. I provide a few ways to do so below.

  • Be personal. Whether you praise your employees for a job well done, express genuine concern over the loss of a loved one or support them in new, personal endeavors, showing a real interest in your employees’ personal lives speak volumes. When you are personal with an employee, this will build workplace morale and likely lead to better retention.
  • Respect your employees’ work-life boundaries. When businesses made the switch to remote work, the work/life balance was thrown out of whack for many. With many employees coming back to the office now, be intentional to not overwhelm your team with tasks. Encourage them to maintain a healthy work/life balance, which lead to better productivity, morale and connection.
  • Connect outside the office. You don’t have to go all-out to better connect, but aiming for one or two personal connections outside of the office per week with some of your employees will lighten the mood and will lead to a better boss/employee relationship. When you feel known, you can grow!

An empathetic business leader is a good business leader! If you are ready to own your own business by buying a franchise, I can help. Don’t hesitate to reach out today.