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Recent College Grads and Young Adults

Too often we read about college graduates saddled with education loan debt and living in their parents’ home well past the time everyone is comfortable with the arrangement. However, there are more and more ambitious young adults seeking to be their own boss. They want to be an entrepreneur and the franchise business model appeals to many of them.

What’s behind this inclination for college students to be franchise entrepreneurs? Following are the key reasons:

  • A growing disenchantment with corporate America by young Americans.
  • Entrepreneurship courses at colleges that instill entrepreneurial ambitions.
  • An ultra-competitive job market that makes it difficult to get even an entry-level job.
  • The willingness of parents and grandparents to finance their children and grandchildren’s franchise start-ups.
  • Franchise companies that offer a lot of hand-holding to young adults while they are “learning the ropes” of business ownership and operations.

Franchising is a natural fit for some young adults, but perhaps others are better off to get some job experience before becoming an entrepreneur. If you want to learn if you have the aptitude to be your own boss, contact us today to learn more.