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Guiding You To Successful Business Ownership


Interested in owning a business, but don’t know where to start? The FSP Advantage includes:

  • Financial positioning
  • Ownership vision
  • Business selection
  • Purchase coaching

Own A Franchise

With more than 4,000 options to choose from, finding a franchise that supports your wants and needs can be daunting.  Let’s work together to match Ownership Opportunities with your Ownership Vision.

FSP Advantage Process

The first step is about you and your dreams. The second step is providing you access to industry-exclusive business ownership information, profile matching and professional resources.


The FSP Advantage Discovery Process is a comprehensive, logical approach anchored to your objectives for Success Your Way.


During our Discovery Process, we explore the following questions.

  • What are your skills, strengths and weaknesses?
  • Do you have the basic skills needed to own and run a franchise?
  • Does business ownership, with its pros and cons, appeal to you?
  • What risks are you willing to take on the journey to success?
  • What is your aptitude for customer service and supervision of employees?
  • What financial resources to you have to purchase a franchise model?

Success Your Way

The FSP Advantage begins with identifying your business ownership expectations. The FSP Advantage process successfully matches Opportunity  to Objectives.

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Clutter to Clarity

Once we  validate your  financial and ownership readiness, we research opportunities that are a minimum 80 percent match tailored to your vision.

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Business Matching

After match identification, we conduct an extensive Business Validation Review; identify a professional support team as needed; and launch the franchise interview and ownership transition process.
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Let's Get Started

Ready to earn more income, leave the corporate grind or simply own the business of your dreams? Schedule your free discovery consultation now.

Choose from thousands of franchise opportunities available in a variety of industries including: General Construction, Pet care, Technology, Fitness, Collaborative Work Space and more.

Imagine owning a business in the fast pace and ever growing field of Aerial Photography and Surveillance!


  An entrepreneur at heart, my road to business ownership has been adventurous, and certainly not a direct path from college.

Prior to founding Franchise Strategy Partners (FSP), I held positions at companies large and small.

Clients benefit from my diverse career experience in finance, operations, acquisition and exit strategies.

I know what it takes for successful business ownership because I’ve been responsible for growing  and downsizing organizations. 

First, think. Second believe. Third, dream. And finally, dare.” 

~ Walt Disney

Using a discovery approach to match ownership interests with business options, my clients successfully realize the lifestyle they dare to believe is within their reach.

Larry M. Reed

Franchise Industry Specialist

Franchise Strategy Partners

Founded 2012, FSP is a full-service franchise consulting and development firm specializing in guiding professionals toward business ownership and financial success.

Franchise Strategy Partners is a licensed affiliate of FranServe, Inc. and an active member of the International Franchise Professionals Group. 

Let's Get Started Together!

FSP helps you develop your financial positioning for sustained success, coaches you to develop a well-defined vision as a benchmark for growth; and guides you to find a proven business model that fits your vision. Let’s build your future.