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Larry M. Reed

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Always an entrepreneur at heart, my road to business ownership was adventurous, and certainly not a direct path from college.

Before my career transition to Business Owner and President of my own company, Franchise Strategy Partners (FSP), I held positions at a privately-held manufacturing company, a quasi-government organization, a large national machinery company and a small family-owned enterprise.

It is my diverse experience serving key executive positions in both national, large companies as well as in a closely-held family business that allows me to best serve you and  others exploring the world of entrepreneurism and business ownership.

I can share the full spectrum of business options because I know the ins and outs of corporate life, of small business and of downsizing.

Whether you are looking to explore your entrepreneur readiness, launching your own business or buying a proven business model through franchising, I can support you with coaching programs that uncover:

☛Financial opportunities for funding your business and lifestyle dreams
☛Opportunities for freedom and wealth
☛Next steps toward business ownership and entrepreneurial growth

How Well You Are Positioned for Business Ownership Success?

Maybe you are thinking about career transition from employee to entrepreneur. Perhaps you dream of owning a business, but don’t know where to start? Or, do you just want to be clear about the opportunities, challenges and risks of business ownership in order to create an informed plan for success?

I have coaching programs to help you launch, grow and own your business. I bring focus to your passions with:

My clients tell me that my personal and common sense approach to coaching helps them match their entrepreneurial interest with business ownership options.

When you are ready to discover your Entrepreneurial Readiness, reach out. Call me at 913-338-1840 or email me at I can’t wait to watch your dreams unfold.