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Burnout isn’t a cliché—it’s a real thing among employees, business owners and entrepreneurs. If you are feeling burnt out right now, you’re certainly not alone, as the past two years in particular have been extremely tough to get through.

Even if you don’t think you’re “burnt out,” but you’re finding yourself approaching that feeling, it’s important to learn how to exercise some self-care so you can be the best version of yourself on and off the job.

I’m highlighting some effective ways to take care of yourself along your business journey below, so read on!

1. Identify Bad Habits And Drop Them

When you’re tired and overwhelmed, it’s much easier to begin forming bad habits and certain coping mechanisms. Whether it’s heavy procrastination, alcohol or drug abuse, none of these things will lead to anything good and will certainly delay progress and success as a person and as a business owner.

The first step to feeling more healthy and energized is to identify your problem, then make changes.Maintain a healthy diet, try to exercise for the CDC-recommended 150 minutes each week and be comfortable with giving yourself a break. Allowing yourself time and space to get better as a human will go a long way in benefiting your business and entrepreneurial spirit.

2. Talk With Someone

When you’re stretched thin as a business leader, good mental health is often one of the things that falls by the wayside. Having someone to talk to can help you relax and feel like you’re not on your own.

Even though the journey to owning your own franchise or being an entrepreneur can seem like a solo one at times, no real, true success is achieved on your own. The same goes with bettering your mental health. People are better when they have other people in their corner!

3. Be Patient With Your Progress

Feeling less burnt out will take time, and it will often require lots of patience and tinkering with different strategies to find out what benefits your mental health the most.

Some people find that refraining from taking phone calls or answering emails before or after a certain time each day dramatically helps them, while others carve out reserved family time or time to read. Whatever it is, the path to straying away from burnout will almost certainly involve getting comfortable with setting your work aside and focusing on what you-the-person needs, instead of you-the-business-owner.

I’m here to provide the tips you need to help you become your best and most productive self! Don’t hesitate to reach out today if you are ready to tackle franchise ownership.