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There is a common misconception that certain industries or areas of business are reserved for the Type A, go-getter, “disruptive” people. While having the ability to talk with anyone about anything can obviously go a long way, there are traits and benefits reserved only for the introverted person that can be extremely beneficial in franchising.

An introvert is typically described as someone who prefers “minimally stimulating environments and needs time alone to recharge.” If this is you and you have hesitations about franchising, see the list below to see why franchising may actually be a perfect fit for you.


Franchising is a space that requires a lot of networking, so the extroverts assume their role quite nicely here. But how about the other 85–90% of the time it takes to run a business?

Most of the time, it’s spent in an office planning and reviewing and optimizing. It takes a lot of creativity, reflection and quiet to maintain a level of success. This is a quality introverts are known for. When it comes this naturally, why not harness it?


While not all introverted people would consider themselves intuitive, the ability to observe and assess a situation comes easily for most introverts. They also have a keen sense of understanding patterns in people and situations, which can help them in hiring, purchasing and marketing decisions.

Intuition can save a good deal of time and hassle, so introverted people hold a card here that is most helpful in running a business.


Because introverted people would many times rather work alone than in a group, this allows them to feel free to be in charge of their own decisions regardless of outside influences.

Careers that require a high level of person-to-person interaction can be a drain for introverted people. The phrase “be your own boss” is appealing to lots of people for various reasons, but for the introvert, it’s a safe place to land knowing that they are able to call the shots when it matters.

The right franchise is out there for you, and I’m ready to help you find it. Contact me today to see what options are available!