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When you first get into the franchising business, it involves lots and lots of self-starting. You need to motivate yourself financially and emotionally to get your new operation off the ground and up and running.

This is all fine and dandy (and absolutely necessary, mind you), but in order to take your new franchise to the next level, you’ll have to have some help. Choosing and employing the right types of leaders to manage different operations and tasks will not only keep your initial franchise working like a well-oiled machine, but it will help you expand and succeed even further.

Read on as I highlight what to do to make sure you have the right leadership in your franchise.

1. Identify Untapped Potential From Within

There are times when bringing in an outside hire is a good idea, but much more often than not, promoting and delegating from within is the right move. Studies show that promoting from within is much better than hiring from the outside, as it can lead to better workplace morale, better business continuity and less turnover.

2. Consider Creating a Leadership Development Program

This will give you a concrete way of evaluating future leadership talent, and it will also give existing employees an idea of what you’re looking for when considering leadership promotions.

A good way to do this is by assessing each employee’s knowledge, skills and attitude, and deciding whether those criteria meet the standard for what you’re looking for in a future franchise leader. Creating a program will help to develop a consistent, organizational standard, which is key for a franchise that has its sights set on lots of growth.

3. Always Communicate With Your Employees

In business, communication is everything. When you show your employees and potential leadership candidates that you are open and available on a regular basis to talk, answer questions and give construction criticism, it shows them that you care.

And when the time comes to promote an employee to a leadership role, he or she will likely implement the same type of communication habits that you have modeled.

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