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Social media has taken over the world as know it. If you sit down at a table with a group of strangers, chances are that almost every person—if not every one—has some sort of social media account.

Instagram is the fourth most popular social media app in the world, but many believe that it is the most important type of social media for business growth.

Read on to learn why embracing and utilizing Instagram is important for your business or franchise.

Instagram Provides a Peek Into Your Life

It’s probably safe to say that this is why a lot of business people don’t have Instagram, but this is also the reason why it can be so beneficial. Since Instagram is image-based, what you put on your profile will affect how potential customers and current clients, friends and peers perceive you.

Posting what matters most to your business and to your personal life is key; being the right amount of relatable and transparent without overstepping is also a must. Studies show that customers enjoy learning more about their their favorite brands/businesses through social media.

Instagram Is a Powerful Way to Grow Your Network

Business cards used to be the main way entrepreneurs, business people and franchisees would connect. What a blast from the past! Now, social media—namely, Instagram—is one of the best ways to network.

When you set up an account, Instagram will ask you what types of content you are into. You can select that you are more interested in business-related content if you want, or you can skip all that and find people’s accounts that you’ve met in person and connect with them on the app.

Want to have coffee or meet a fellow franchise owner for drinks? Go to his or her profile and send a DM (direct message). It’s easier to connect with people these days than it has ever been before!

Instagram Can Increase Your Sales

Did you know? Consumers can purchase products right on the app. Instagram has a feature called Instagram Checkout, which launched in 2019.

If your franchise sells products that can be purchased individually, it’s worth giving Instagram Checkout a try!

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