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The social media trending topic, “quiet quitting,” has been getting quite a bit of buzz recently. But what exactly is this phenomenon, and how does it influence the workplace?

In essence, quiet quitting is not even quitting at all—it’s the concept of doing your job, setting boundaries and leaving work at work. When companies expect their employees to work overtime and go above and beyond, this concept seems almost foreign in the modern workplace.

Today, workers are rethinking the work/life balance. As a franchise owner, how can you appeal to your employees and retain them, while still building a productive, lucrative business?

Encourage Boundaries

As an entrepreneur, it is likely that the traditional 9–5 does not appeal to you. But as an employee of a company, that may be exactly what your staff signed up for.

Whether your employees are able to work a flexible hybrid schedule or have a more rigid daily schedule, being able to tune out when not working is important.

By encouraging your employees to switch off when they aren’t working, you are championing a better work/life balance. Creating healthy boundaries has been shown to increase employee satisfaction, reduce the chance of work-related burnout and improve productivity.

Prioritize Mental Wellness

What does mental health have to do with your employees? For one, it can influence attitude and positivity.

A person who has poor mental health may lack a can-do attitude and not feel positively about their job.

By prioritizing your employees’ mental health, you are creating a culture that cares for the health and well-being of employees and their families. Actions such as encouraging vacations, as opposed to encouraging PTO payouts, help employees de-stress, reset and come back to work refreshed.

Keep Morale High

Working to boost morale in the workplace can keep employees engaged and motivated. Simple things like expressing your appreciation for your valued employees, recognizing their achievements and encouraging professional development can go a long way in any workplace.

Retaining valuable employees takes effort and dedication on leadership’s part. As a franchisee, you are responsible for ensuring employees feel valued, appreciated and encouraged under your wings.

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