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We have all had times when we’ve wanted to increase our focus. For some, ignoring distractions is easy. For others, simple distractions can kick them out of the zone.

Whether you are working on a challenging work task or a home project, it is always a good time to be hyper-focused and productive.

As an entrepreneur it’s easy to go, go, go and forget about your health. As it turns out, if you take care of yourself, it can actually improve your focus!

Fortunately, there are many ways to boost your concentration. Here are my favorite ways to help you improve your focus to maximize your success with your franchise!

1. Improving Your Sleep

Getting more sleep is usually easier said than done. Unfortunately, entrepreneurs know this too well.

But improving your sleep can provide drastic changes to your focus. There is a strong correlation between sleep and cognitive function. Experts agree that sleep influences memory, attention and thinking.

If you’ve been feeling like focus has been hard to come by recently, try changing up your sleep routine. It may be hard to stop working late into the night, but it will greatly improve your overall health—including concentration.

2. Try Focus Exercises

Focus exercises are meant to improve your focus and overall cognitive function. A lot of focus exercises are activities that you probably enjoy doing, you just don’t have a lot of time for. These exercises include reading, sudoku puzzles and meditation.

If your focus needs a boost, try scheduling in time to read a book before bed or doing a sudoku puzzle during lunch.

3. Fit in Exercise

Yes, your schedule is busy. Where could you possibly fit in exercise?

Studies show a correlation between exercise and cognitive function. Being in nature can also improve both your physical and mental well-being, so why take an after-dinner walk to help boost your focus and improve your attention?

4. Remember to Hydrate

Studies show that dehydration can influence cognitive function. Since water is so important to our bodies, you can never go wrong with increasing your aqua intake!

An easy way to do this is to keep a large water bottle with you at all times. You’re busy and always running around, so a water bottle with a handle or strap makes it easy to carry along at all times.

5. Take a Break

Really—take a break! Sometimes stepping away from your tasks and giving your brain a break can help you come back to work even more focused and productive.

If you need to, schedule in regular breaks throughout the day, and take short breaks when you’re feeling unfocused.

Being an entrepreneur is an exciting time, but it is also common to experience a lack of focus, concentration. With these five tips, you can improve your focus and, in turn, maximize your productivity and success within your business!

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