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3 Ways to Avoid Burnout | Franchise Strategy Partners

3 Ways to Avoid Burnout | Franchise Strategy Partners

Burnout isn’t a cliché—it’s a real thing among employees, business owners and entrepreneurs. If you are feeling burnt out right now, you’re certainly not alone, as the past two years in particular have been extremely tough to get through.

Even if you don’t think you’re “burnt out,” but you’re finding yourself approaching that feeling, it’s important to learn how to exercise some self-care so you can be the best version of yourself on and off the job.

I’m highlighting some effective ways to take care of yourself along your business journey below, so read on!

1. Identify Bad Habits And Drop Them

When you’re tired and overwhelmed, it’s much easier to begin forming bad habits and certain coping mechanisms. Whether it’s heavy procrastination, alcohol or drug abuse, none of these things will lead to anything good and will certainly delay progress and success as a person and as a business owner.

The first step to feeling more healthy and energized is to identify your problem, then make changes.Maintain a healthy diet, try to exercise for the CDC-recommended 150 minutes each week and be comfortable with giving yourself a break. Allowing yourself time and space to get better as a human will go a long way in benefiting your business and entrepreneurial spirit.

2. Talk With Someone

When you’re stretched thin as a business leader, good mental health is often one of the things that falls by the wayside. Having someone to talk to can help you relax and feel like you’re not on your own.

Even though the journey to owning your own franchise or being an entrepreneur can seem like a solo one at times, no real, true success is achieved on your own. The same goes with bettering your mental health. People are better when they have other people in their corner!

3. Be Patient With Your Progress

Feeling less burnt out will take time, and it will often require lots of patience and tinkering with different strategies to find out what benefits your mental health the most.

Some people find that refraining from taking phone calls or answering emails before or after a certain time each day dramatically helps them, while others carve out reserved family time or time to read. Whatever it is, the path to straying away from burnout will almost certainly involve getting comfortable with setting your work aside and focusing on what you-the-person needs, instead of you-the-business-owner.

I’m here to provide the tips you need to help you become your best and most productive self! Don’t hesitate to reach out today if you are ready to tackle franchise ownership.

Signs That Franchising Is the Right Fit | Franchise Strategy Partners

Signs That Franchising Is the Right Fit | Franchise Strategy Partners

Are you ready to become your own boss? If so, you’re certainly not alone these days.

In fact, studies have shown that many workers who have joined “The Great Resignation” have gone on to either buy a franchise or become their own boss in some other way.

If this reflects the state of mind that you’re in, it’s important to know the necessary steps to take when considering getting into the franchising game! The following are six signs that franchising is right for you.

1. Structure and Order is of Utmost Importance to You

It’s true—franchising isn’t really for those who always prefer to march to the beat of their own drum and dodge the rules. If you enjoy controlled workplaces and a general sense of order, you’ll love the tried-and-true business methods that franchises bring to their owners.

Franchises rely heavily on their success roadmaps, so if you enjoy having things laid out for you and proverbially tracing the lines, franchising is a worthwhile business endeavor.

2. You Believe in the Power of Teamwork

To generate their collective strength as a brand, franchises rely on a network of franchisees. In fact, franchise owning is not at all for the vigilante, as it necessitates teamwork in an environment where collaboration is not only welcomed, but also expected.

Suffice it to say, if you want to be a part of something bigger than yourself that requires collaboration and a communal mindset, consider franchising!

3. You’re Not a Quitter

While franchisees come with comprehensive instruction manuals, extensive training and assistance from the brand, success is not guaranteed.

Starting out on your franchise opportunity will require lots of work and time, but if the word “quit” isn’t in your vocabulary, franchising might be the greatest option for you! The future payout is often well worth the initial time and effort.

4. You Thrive With a Support System

The comprehensive support systems that franchise businesses have are a key element of their success. The franchisor backs up its franchisees, and the franchisees back up each other.

When you’re ready to make your business ownership ambitions a reality through franchising, it’s important for those close to you to also be invested in your success to ensure that things work out in your favor.

Are you ready to own your own franchise? If so, I can help! Don’t hesitate to contact me today.

Developing a Strong Relationship With Your Franchisor Is Key | Franchise Strategy Partners

Developing a Strong Relationship With Your Franchisor Is Key | Franchise Strategy Partners

The franchisor/franchisee relationship is an important one. The strength or weakness of this key relationship can affect every element of whatever business you choose, so this begs the question: How can franchisees form a strong bond with their franchisor?

1. Establish Methods of Clear Communication

No matter the area of life, being able to communicate clearly will always be beneficial. And, when it comes to communication between a franchisee and a franchisor, this is especially true.

Both the franchisee and franchisor should work together to ensure that lines of communication are open and maintained. Instead of letting resentments quietly build, be proactive, honest and clear about anything you need but don’t feel you’re getting, and give your franchisor time and space to implement positive changes that you’ve voiced to him or her.

2. Ask Questions

This point could be filed under point No. 1, but it’s a bit more fleshed out. Asking questions is a key part of effective communication, and it’s also a key part of ensuring that you grow as a franchisee.

When you are considering asking your franchisor a question, make sure it is well thought-out, specific and targeted enough that you can get the exact answer you’re looking for. Well-developed questions will also show your franchisor that you’re on top of things and genuinely interested in developing as a franchisee.

3. Work Hard and Be Coachable

No matter the franchise, a franchisor is always on the lookout for a franchisee that shares his or her passion for success. Demonstrate that you’re the right type of franchisee by showing up on time, working hard and demonstrating your dependability.

A lesser-known part of working hard is allowing yourself to be coached, too. Running a franchise means that you run a business in tandem with your franchisor. It’s important to remember that as a franchisee, you must comply with your franchisor’s wishes and adhere to the overall brand vision.

Doing so—especially in the beginning of the partnership—will likely lead to better cohesion and more collaboration down the road.

I’m here to walk you through all your potential franchising questions! Don’t hesitate to contact me today.

Strategies for a Successful Franchise | Franchise Strategy Partners

Strategies for a Successful Franchise | Franchise Strategy Partners

Business success and sustainability have been hard to come by in the past two years. Many businesses have petered out against their will, but in general, one field has stayed strong: franchises.

The economy was booming to close 2021, causing the current morale among franchisors and franchisees to be high. Because of this, now is the perfect time to consider entering the franchising game if you have yet to do so!

If you are considering owning your own business, it’s important to go into this new endeavor with a plan for success. I provide some essential strategies that all successful franchisees/franchisors should implement below, so keep reading.

1. Follow the Franchise’s System

Obviously, we know that individuality is still important, but when you’re considering joining a successful, already-existing franchise, it’s important to stick with and fuse with what made them successful in the first place.

Brand consistency is important in any franchise, and following the procedures that are already in place is key in maintaining brand consistency. If you don’t like how something is done in a franchise, though, ask questions and communicate with your franchisor. Communication is key!

2. Build Community With Your Fellow Franchisees

Having a relationship with your franchisor is great, but building relationships with your direct peers will be what gets you through the inevitable rough patches and times where you are searching for answers.

When you take the step to own your own franchise, make it a personal goal to have at least two franchisees who you could reach out to when you’re in need of some advice! In any aspect of life, knowing that you have someone that has your back is a game-changer. Plus, having like-minded people around you at all times is one of the things that makes franchising such a great business field.

3. Market Successfully

Building brand awareness is one of the biggest components of a successful franchise, and the way to do this is by honest, strategic marketing.

Gaudy, constant advertising puts a bad taste in the consumer’s mouth, but guerrilla marketing—by way of word-of-mouth or smart social media campaigns—can snag a potential client’s attention and make them feel part of the brand before they even become a consumer.

Some other great ways to gain visibility as a franchise are to get involved in the community through things like charity events, high school sports sponsorships and community festivals.

Ready to own your own franchise? I’m here to help! Don’t hesitate to contact me today.

Tips for Potential Franchise Owners | Franchise Strategy Partners

Tips for Potential Franchise Owners | Franchise Strategy Partners

Franchising opportunities today are endless. Sure, the opportunities to franchise in more vanilla, “recession-resistant” businesses will always be there, but you can practically name any sort of category you’d like to go into business with, and it likely exists!

While all these business options can be great for many, they can be overwhelming for many, too. Lots of flavors can make it difficult to choose, so if you need help knowing which business venture to invest in, I’m here!

Read on as I share some helpful tips that should guide you in the right direction.

1. Know What You Want

The upfront franchising costs are usually quite high, which makes franchising a more long-term investment. Since you’ll be putting in quite a bit of money on the front end, it’s important that you’re confident in the field you’re pursuing.

Will this potential business withstand the test of time? Will your investment help you to realize the goals you have set for yourself? Do you even like what you’re planning to invest in?

These are questions worth asking that will help you know what you want to do and whether or not investing in your prospective business is worth your money.

2. Do Your Homework

Unlike being a standalone small business owner, as a franchisee, you ultimately have to answer to leadership of your franchise. Because of this, it’s crucial that you agree with the vision, mission and values of the company you intend to join.

Being passionate about the business idea is a huge component of becoming a new franchisee, but choosing a company that routinely makes decisions that you agree with might be the most important component to consider. Get to know the company, what they stand for and how they’re run before going all in.

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

Do you have questions other than the ones we’ve listed previously? If so, do not let them go unasked.

Carefully review the Franchise Disclosure Agreement (FDD). In the FDD, you can find a list of current franchise owners and ask them questions you couldn’t find the answers to during your initial research!

Doing your own research is never a waste of time, but talking to actual franchise owners in the business you’re looking into is, perhaps, the most valuable information you can have when trying to make a decision.

Do you still have other questions? I can help! Don’t hesitate to contact me today.

Building a Franchise Where People Want to Work | Franchise Strategy Partners

Building a Franchise Where People Want to Work | Franchise Strategy Partners

Although more people are returning to work, “The Great Resignation” is still going relatively strong. Many are still out of work or are considering quitting, and the economy has yet to make a full recovery.

One silver lining in the midst of all of this, though, is the fact that the businesses and franchises that have spent their early years forming and building a good culture have been less affected than businesses that haven’t done that.

In fact, according to studies, a large percentage of people who have quit over the last 15 months have quit because of a poor company culture, where leaders are focused only on production and end goals rather than the employees making those goals happen.

This shows that building a successful, longstanding franchise is vital, and it takes time and care—not only on the financial side of things, but for those who are employed. Read on as I share some helpful tips that will lead you to build a franchise that people seek out, rather than a franchise that desperately seeks out future employees.

Ways to Build a Positive Work Culture

  • Cherish your employees, and make it known that you cherish them. This is hugely important, and it’s very easy! Celebrating birthdays, congratulating births, asking for their opinions…all of these things can go a long way in making your employees feel valued and cherished.
  • Hire the right people and don’t make compromises as to who you hire or keep. Hiring the right people on the front end will save yourself a lot of trouble on the back end. Plus, low turnover is a great money-saver and morale-booster.
  • Prioritize your employees’ mental health. Burnout is real, and it’s especially real in the work world. Do your best to protect your employees from feeling this way by implementing a work life that is productive but not all-consuming. Recognize that working in many franchises, especially in a retail environment, can be stressful.
  • Instead of looking for ways your employees screw up, look for ways that they succeed. In the workplace, positive reinforcement has consistently shown to be more valuable than negative reinforcement.
  • Consistently share your vision and sense of purpose. When employees feel keyed in on what all their hard work is for, it will give them a sense of passion and purpose.

Are you ready to enter the franchising world? If so, I can help you pair up with the franchise that ticks all the right boxes! Don’t hesitate to contact me today.