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5 Ways to Improve Your Recruiting Process | Franchise Strategy Partners

5 Ways to Improve Your Recruiting Process | Franchise Strategy Partners

As a franchise owner, the pressure is on to recruit the best talent for your business. The right candidates can be found in a variety of ways, and with modern technology, there are a variety of recruiting methods to choose from.

An efficient recruitment strategy will help you source applicants, streamline interviews and get the onboarding process started in no time!

1. Enhance Your Job Ads

A thorough, descriptive job advertisement is a great way to capture the attention of job seekers. There are many ways to enhance a job ad, such as including a “requirements” sections, adding in a realistic salary range and incorporating screening questions.

If you aren’t receiving enough qualified candidates, it may be because your job advertisement is vague or less than impressive. It may be the window into your company for candidates and you want them to get a good impression from the post.

2. Utilize Social Media

Social media is the perfect avenue for creating a positive company brand and letting others know that you are hiring. Potential candidates will be able to look back through previous posts on social media platforms and determine whether or not they believe they’d fit in with your company culture.

3. Make a Good First Impression

Just as your social media profiles and job advertisements provide a first impression to potential employees, you want to make sure you make a good impression in your interviews and during any contact with the candidate.

Be sure to respond to email and calls in a timely manner and maintain a professional demeanor during meetings.

4. Showcase Your Company Culture

Company culture can influence how your employees feel when they walk into the office. If you aren’t sure whether your business has a strong, positive company culture, it may be time to create one.

When candidates interview for a position, be sure to mention all of the ways that employees are recognized, appreciated and valued within the workplace. Creating a favorable environment for employees is a great way to entice qualified candidates to apply and current employees to stick around.

5. Consider Current Employees

When a new position opens up, do you consider your current employees for the role, or immediately post on a job board? Companies that promote from within may experience better employee retention and spend less money on recruiting new candidates.

The next time a job opens up on your team, think about your current employees and who could potentially fit seamlessly into the role!

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5 Simple Ways to Increase Focus to Maximize Your Success | Franchise Strategy Partners

5 Simple Ways to Increase Focus to Maximize Your Success | Franchise Strategy Partners

We have all had times when we’ve wanted to increase our focus. For some, ignoring distractions is easy. For others, simple distractions can kick them out of the zone.

Whether you are working on a challenging work task or a home project, it is always a good time to be hyper-focused and productive.

As an entrepreneur it’s easy to go, go, go and forget about your health. As it turns out, if you take care of yourself, it can actually improve your focus!

Fortunately, there are many ways to boost your concentration. Here are my favorite ways to help you improve your focus to maximize your success with your franchise!

1. Improving Your Sleep

Getting more sleep is usually easier said than done. Unfortunately, entrepreneurs know this too well.

But improving your sleep can provide drastic changes to your focus. There is a strong correlation between sleep and cognitive function. Experts agree that sleep influences memory, attention and thinking.

If you’ve been feeling like focus has been hard to come by recently, try changing up your sleep routine. It may be hard to stop working late into the night, but it will greatly improve your overall health—including concentration.

2. Try Focus Exercises

Focus exercises are meant to improve your focus and overall cognitive function. A lot of focus exercises are activities that you probably enjoy doing, you just don’t have a lot of time for. These exercises include reading, sudoku puzzles and meditation.

If your focus needs a boost, try scheduling in time to read a book before bed or doing a sudoku puzzle during lunch.

3. Fit in Exercise

Yes, your schedule is busy. Where could you possibly fit in exercise?

Studies show a correlation between exercise and cognitive function. Being in nature can also improve both your physical and mental well-being, so why take an after-dinner walk to help boost your focus and improve your attention?

4. Remember to Hydrate

Studies show that dehydration can influence cognitive function. Since water is so important to our bodies, you can never go wrong with increasing your aqua intake!

An easy way to do this is to keep a large water bottle with you at all times. You’re busy and always running around, so a water bottle with a handle or strap makes it easy to carry along at all times.

5. Take a Break

Really—take a break! Sometimes stepping away from your tasks and giving your brain a break can help you come back to work even more focused and productive.

If you need to, schedule in regular breaks throughout the day, and take short breaks when you’re feeling unfocused.

Being an entrepreneur is an exciting time, but it is also common to experience a lack of focus, concentration. With these five tips, you can improve your focus and, in turn, maximize your productivity and success within your business!

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3 Ways to Keep Your Employees Engaged | Franchise Strategy Partners

3 Ways to Keep Your Employees Engaged | Franchise Strategy Partners

If you aren’t actively trying to keep your employees engaged already, you should be. Studies show that upwards of 85% of employees are actively disengaged in their current workplace. But what does this mean for a small business owner?

Employees who are not being engaged tend to be less productive in the workplace. There also tends to be higher turnover, a lower retention rate and poor employee morale in these types of workplaces.

In short, not encouraging engagement with employees can hinder your business, hurt your brand’s reputation and cost you a lot of money.

Fortunately, there are many ways you can strive to keep your employees more engaged and happier in the workplace!

1. Create the Right Environment

As a franchisee, you may not always have a say in the setup or layout of your business, but you can work to create a welcoming, positive environment for your employees.

Easy ways to do this include demonstrating a positive attitude, recognizing accomplishments and having the necessary equipment available at all times. Helping employees have a better work-life balance is another way to create an environment that individuals would like to spend their workdays in.

2. Professional Growth Opportunities

When it is time to fill a position, do you post a job online or hire from within? Making it known that employees have the room for professional growth within your business encourages them to work harder within the company.

If the opportunity for a new, higher up position becomes available, there should be an adequate opportunity for current employees to put in an application. Let the candidates have a fair shot at the position. It is never a good feeling to be passed up for a job you believe you’re qualified for!

3. Employees Are People, Too

It’s easy to get caught up in the business side of, well, your business. There are so many meetings to attend, goals to reach and tasks to complete. But it’s important to remember what (or rather, who) is making your franchise function and succeed on a day-to-day basis.

Your staff members are, first and foremost, people. Yes, they are the strategists, managers and other important personnel that drive your company, but they are human.

They require understanding, compassion and encouragement that every person desires in the workplace. Empowering your employees can improve motivation and productivity, which benefits your business in the long run.

Keeping your employees engaged is something you should always strive to do! It’ll help reduce onboarding costs and improve overall employee morale within the workplace.

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3 Tips for Retaining Valuable Employees | Franchise Strategy Partners

3 Tips for Retaining Valuable Employees | Franchise Strategy Partners

The social media trending topic, “quiet quitting,” has been getting quite a bit of buzz recently. But what exactly is this phenomenon, and how does it influence the workplace?

In essence, quiet quitting is not even quitting at all—it’s the concept of doing your job, setting boundaries and leaving work at work. When companies expect their employees to work overtime and go above and beyond, this concept seems almost foreign in the modern workplace.

Today, workers are rethinking the work/life balance. As a franchise owner, how can you appeal to your employees and retain them, while still building a productive, lucrative business?

Encourage Boundaries

As an entrepreneur, it is likely that the traditional 9–5 does not appeal to you. But as an employee of a company, that may be exactly what your staff signed up for.

Whether your employees are able to work a flexible hybrid schedule or have a more rigid daily schedule, being able to tune out when not working is important.

By encouraging your employees to switch off when they aren’t working, you are championing a better work/life balance. Creating healthy boundaries has been shown to increase employee satisfaction, reduce the chance of work-related burnout and improve productivity.

Prioritize Mental Wellness

What does mental health have to do with your employees? For one, it can influence attitude and positivity.

A person who has poor mental health may lack a can-do attitude and not feel positively about their job.

By prioritizing your employees’ mental health, you are creating a culture that cares for the health and well-being of employees and their families. Actions such as encouraging vacations, as opposed to encouraging PTO payouts, help employees de-stress, reset and come back to work refreshed.

Keep Morale High

Working to boost morale in the workplace can keep employees engaged and motivated. Simple things like expressing your appreciation for your valued employees, recognizing their achievements and encouraging professional development can go a long way in any workplace.

Retaining valuable employees takes effort and dedication on leadership’s part. As a franchisee, you are responsible for ensuring employees feel valued, appreciated and encouraged under your wings.

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Supporting Employee Development Helps the Entire Business Grow | Franchise Strategy Partners

Supporting Employee Development Helps the Entire Business Grow | Franchise Strategy Partners

As a business owner, you want to employ the best of the best for every position. Ideally, your staff members remain motivated to help the business grow, per their job description.

Realistically, though, everyone experiences burnout and stress within their lives. The same goes for their jobs. When people don’t feel fulfilled, they tend to lose motivation and their performance at work may suffer.

In order to encourage employees to do their best every day, a good leader should be supportive of their development—both in and out of the office. Here are some ways that you can support your employees today!

Don’t Skimp on Recognition

Sure, you know your employees are doing great, but do they? In the day-to-day grind, it’s easy to just do the work without thinking much about it. But you want your employees to know how well they are performing, right?

Be sure to recognize hard work and achievement, during employee meetings and in passing. A compliment seems so simple but can have a huge impact on how someone feels about their efforts.

Studies have shown time and time again that recognition is beneficial in the workplace. In fact, companies with a high engagement rate have 31% lower voluntary employee turnover. A little recognition goes a long way!

Provide Regular Feedback

In addition to recognizing hard work, providing feedback for employees can encourage them to feel a higher sense of engagement in the workplace.

Don’t reserve the feedback for annual reviews, either. Recognizing hard work should be a regular occurrence, and the same goes for feedback.

Engage employees as often as possible and let them know that you, as the leader of the pack, care about their development and growth.

Purchase Courses for Career Development

Would a certain certification or training program be beneficial for your employees? If so, be the one to provide it to them!

Whether it is a development course or full-blown certification program, think about how your employees will feel when they complete it and get to add it to their portfolios. A happy, satisfied employee is more likely to be dedicated to the business he or she works for.

Ask yourself how you’re supporting your employees’ development, how it is impacting the overall business and what improvements can be made.

When you’re ready for support for yourself and your franchise, get in touch to start the journey today!

Recruiting the Right Employees for the Job | Franchise Strategy Partners

Recruiting the Right Employees for the Job | Franchise Strategy Partners

As a franchise owner, finding the right talent for your business can be challenging. Maybe finding new employees isn’t hard, but retaining them is the problem.

Either way, a good strategy can help you step in the right direction.

Thoroughly Define the Job Before Hiring

First things first: Clearly and thoroughly define the position before starting the recruitment process. This benefits both the company itself and the employee applying for the job.

You should know exactly what you’re looking for in a candidate and potential recruits should have a clear understanding of the job itself. There shouldn’t be any surprises during the interview process for either party.

Look for Commitment

Seek candidates that have a long-term commitment to their desired position. This shows they are more likely to be in it for the long haul, versus someone who is just looking for work.

Thoroughly review applications to assess the candidate’s background and experience. How long have they been in this industry? What have their prior positions looked like? These questions can help you determine whether they have bounced from job to job or are more likely to stick around.

With that said, though, life circumstances sometimes make job changes unavoidable. Talk through gaps in employment and job movement with potential hires to get a good understanding of the situation.

Check out Compatibility

Your current team flows so well, you couldn’t ask for a better work environment. How would adding a new personality change the day-to-day dynamics?

During the interview process, get a sense of the candidate’s nature. Is he or she introverted or extroverted? Would the person bring new ideas to the table and work well as part of a team?

If it’s possible to do a working interview, give that a try. Have the prospect meet current leaders and employees within the business to see how he or she interacts with others. The new recruit should add value to a team, not detract from it.

Now that you have a solid team recruited and trained, the challenge comes with retaining the valuable talent. Create a plan of action to prioritize your employees’ well-being and personal development in order to keep them within your business for years to come!

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