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Meet Robinn Scholfield, Advocate for Women and the Franchising Business Model

Periodically, I highlight successful entrepreneurs and share their story with my followers. It could be someone we’ve helped acquire a franchise, someone we met while networking or someone we admire from afar. This post puts the spotlight on Robinn Scholfield, a Kansas City-area entrepreneur who has owned, operated and sold multiple businesses.

If you haven’t met Robinn Scholfield, then you probably don’t know that her mission is to empower women by helping them maximize their personal image. She accomplishes her mission through Image Evolution, her latest entrepreneurial adventure. Judging by the growth of this new business venture thus far, and her track record, she’s well on her way to building another successful company.

Robinn is using her skills and passion to help people build themselves!  She believes that the fundamentals of business branding and personal branding are very similar. “Know who you are, what you stand for and have to offer, then communicate that in a way that makes people notice and want to know more,” Robinn asserts.

Her business name, “Image Evolution,” acknowledges that all of us are in a constant state of change, whether we want to be or not.  She urges us to be aware that we are always communicating something, whether we realize it or not. She helps people take positive steps forward by being intentional about their communications, whether it’s verbal, through their facial expressions and gestures, by the clothes they wear or through important image attributes: style, fashion and grooming.

Entrepreneurs’ AdvocateRobinn Scholfield photo

Robinn is especially enthused about helping women achieve success as entrepreneurs. Maybe it’s because “she’s been there and done that!” In fact, Robinn has achieved entrepreneurial success through three different business models:

  • As a dealership for Invisible Fence,
  • As a franchisee of the Cleaning Authority franchise, and
  • Creating a personal image consultancy (Image Evolution) from the ground up.

Robinn had great success with the dealership model, but felt the model itself could be limiting. Dealerships are in essence a license to distribute a product. Dealers work with a manufacturer to get the manufacturer’s goods to customers. Robinn found the revenue streams and potential to be somewhat limited. Her next business venture was based on the franchise business model.

High on the Franchise Business Model

“The franchise business model is a strong one. Franchisors provide a proven business and processes, and the income potential is virtually uncapped,” states Robin. She believes most women are wise to choose a sound and appealing franchise if they want to own their business.

“I find women to be very cautious as they consider business ownership. A franchise can be both a comfortable and profitable path to entrepreneurship. I successfully worked with a franchise consultant and recommend that others use a franchise consultant, too” adds Robinn.

As for building your own business from the ground up, Robinn emphasizes restraint when it comes to your first foray into entrepreneurship. I’m building my business from the ground up, but I’ve experienced the other business models, which gives me an edge in my newest venture,” she adds.

If you haven’t met Robinn yet, it’s time you did. Check out her website, or give her a call at 316-305-9990 and tell her Larry Reed suggested you make a connection. I’m confident you’ll be glad you did.