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When you read that headline, you might first think about personal characteristics, such as whether you’re an extrovert or introvert. Or whether you are generally an agreeable person.

And while those personal traits play an important role in your career, the “personality” I’m referencing is your entrepreneurial personality.

What is an entrepreneurial personality, and how can I help you define yours? Read on to get the details.

Helping You Define Your Entrepreneurial Personality

If you’ve decided to step into franchising to make your dreams of business ownership come true, all the options out there can feel a bit overwhelming. That’s where I can step in to help! I’m ready and waiting to help you parse through hundreds of opportunities with leading franchisors—and determine which of those options will be your perfect match.

How do I do that? One of the first steps is to get to know you and who you are on a professional level. To match you with opportunities that align with your needs and wants, I’ll put together an in-depth business ownership profile that highlights your skills. Those skills are your “entrepreneurial personality.”

To gather this information, I’ll ask you to take an assessment that asks a series of questions to determine your individual traits—in other words, the qualities that make you unique. This goes beyond your average personality test, helping to define a range of talents and your ability in multiple areas important to franchising.

From there, I can help you chart your future by determining which of the hundreds of franchising opportunities out there might be your best fit as a franchisee. This process is designed to take some of the stress out of your search, allowing you to first determine whether franchising is right for you and then nail down your dream franchisor.

I’m ready and waiting to help you find the best franchise for your unique needs! Get in touch today to get started.