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The franchisor/franchisee relationship is an important one. The strength or weakness of this key relationship can affect every element of whatever business you choose, so this begs the question: How can franchisees form a strong bond with their franchisor?

1. Establish Methods of Clear Communication

No matter the area of life, being able to communicate clearly will always be beneficial. And, when it comes to communication between a franchisee and a franchisor, this is especially true.

Both the franchisee and franchisor should work together to ensure that lines of communication are open and maintained. Instead of letting resentments quietly build, be proactive, honest and clear about anything you need but don’t feel you’re getting, and give your franchisor time and space to implement positive changes that you’ve voiced to him or her.

2. Ask Questions

This point could be filed under point No. 1, but it’s a bit more fleshed out. Asking questions is a key part of effective communication, and it’s also a key part of ensuring that you grow as a franchisee.

When you are considering asking your franchisor a question, make sure it is well thought-out, specific and targeted enough that you can get the exact answer you’re looking for. Well-developed questions will also show your franchisor that you’re on top of things and genuinely interested in developing as a franchisee.

3. Work Hard and Be Coachable

No matter the franchise, a franchisor is always on the lookout for a franchisee that shares his or her passion for success. Demonstrate that you’re the right type of franchisee by showing up on time, working hard and demonstrating your dependability.

A lesser-known part of working hard is allowing yourself to be coached, too. Running a franchise means that you run a business in tandem with your franchisor. It’s important to remember that as a franchisee, you must comply with your franchisor’s wishes and adhere to the overall brand vision.

Doing so—especially in the beginning of the partnership—will likely lead to better cohesion and more collaboration down the road.

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