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Growth and success are the names of the game in the franchising and business world. And although they’re what every entrepreneur, franchise leader and business owner aspires for, they’re not easily attainable in a lot of scenarios.

A lot of business owners only put stock in the numbers and data of their business to understand what’s causing them success or a lack thereof, and while that is certainly a worthwhile strategy, it’s not the only thing that’s important in building a successful, growing company.

Keep reading as I explain why a few customer-oriented strategies are key to growing your business or franchise.

1. Encourage Customer Feedback

Yes, it may sound a little unconventional, but that’s also why it might be important and might lead to lots of growth as a business.

Every franchise leader is going to make mistakes. What separates the good franchisees from the bad ones, however, is the willingness to learn from those mistakes and let them make you better. If a customer isn’t happy with your performance, strengthen your backbone and find out why. This way, you can take this info and improve, rather than watching your competitors capitalize on your slip-ups.

2. Make Your Employees Feel a Sense of Ownership

When people—not only employees—feel like they are a part of something bigger than themselves and they play a pivotal role in the thing’s success, it’s empowering. This is an important idea to relay to your employees!

Inspiring your employees to love what they do by doing things like giving them a voice in major decisionswill strengthen your franchise’s foundation and, in turn, will set your business up for better, more sustainable growth.

3. Make Your Customers Feel Valued

This might need to be at the top of the list, and this is also in the same vein as the previous point. When people feel like they matter, everything about their self reacts in a positive manner.

When you make your customers feel like they matter by doing things like going the extra mile, making shopping a pleasant experience, building a helpful website or simply serving them with a genuine smile, they’ll tell their friends. Positivity and care breeds positivity and care, which will only help make your franchise better than it was.

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