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As a business owner, you want to employ the best of the best for every position. Ideally, your staff members remain motivated to help the business grow, per their job description.

Realistically, though, everyone experiences burnout and stress within their lives. The same goes for their jobs. When people don’t feel fulfilled, they tend to lose motivation and their performance at work may suffer.

In order to encourage employees to do their best every day, a good leader should be supportive of their development—both in and out of the office. Here are some ways that you can support your employees today!

Don’t Skimp on Recognition

Sure, you know your employees are doing great, but do they? In the day-to-day grind, it’s easy to just do the work without thinking much about it. But you want your employees to know how well they are performing, right?

Be sure to recognize hard work and achievement, during employee meetings and in passing. A compliment seems so simple but can have a huge impact on how someone feels about their efforts.

Studies have shown time and time again that recognition is beneficial in the workplace. In fact, companies with a high engagement rate have 31% lower voluntary employee turnover. A little recognition goes a long way!

Provide Regular Feedback

In addition to recognizing hard work, providing feedback for employees can encourage them to feel a higher sense of engagement in the workplace.

Don’t reserve the feedback for annual reviews, either. Recognizing hard work should be a regular occurrence, and the same goes for feedback.

Engage employees as often as possible and let them know that you, as the leader of the pack, care about their development and growth.

Purchase Courses for Career Development

Would a certain certification or training program be beneficial for your employees? If so, be the one to provide it to them!

Whether it is a development course or full-blown certification program, think about how your employees will feel when they complete it and get to add it to their portfolios. A happy, satisfied employee is more likely to be dedicated to the business he or she works for.

Ask yourself how you’re supporting your employees’ development, how it is impacting the overall business and what improvements can be made.

When you’re ready for support for yourself and your franchise, get in touch to start the journey today!